Securus Technologies Launches the Investigator Pro™ 4.0

Securus Technologies is one of the leading companies that offer inmate communication solutions in the United States. The firm recently announced the launch of the Investigator Pro 4.0, which is a product of its unit, JLG Technologies. The new program has a searchable voice feature that allows investigators to search all calls that are made by an inmate or the receiver of the call by using a voice sample.


According to Michael Kester, who is the chief operating officer of the JLG Technologies, the Investigator Pro software assists the investigators to expose gang related or any other reprehensible activities by recognizing the voices of both the callers and the called party. The application uses a complex biometric system that allows the investigators to prevent crime.


The searchable voice ability of the IPRO 4.0 allows the agents to recognize a person’s voice, phone number, and identity. The detective can, therefore, determine other inmates who communicate with the called party, whether the called party is an ex-convict and prisoners who are calling individuals who were formerly incarcerated. The Investigator Pro’s searchable voice can be used with other scrutiny abilities of the application such as the important gang tagging and voice recognition certainty rating. This characteristic creates a high-level and outstanding system for pinpointing all illegal activities that take place through the telephones of the correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies has an extensive client base in North America where its solutions are depended on by approximately 1,200,000 individuals who are incarcerated in 3,450 correctional facilities. The company’s main offices are located in Dallas, Texas. The services that the firm provides to the law enforcement institutions include public information, incident management, emergency response, biometric examination, investigation, self–service for inmates, supervision of products and services, and management of information. The company is focused on ensuring public safety.


Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

How do lip balms work?

Lip balms are commonly used to treat dry and chapped lips. A quick application of a lip balms can provide much needed relief. How they work and what is important for people to look for when they are searching for a lip balm is essential to finding the right brand for them.
How do lip balms work?

Lip balms don’t work the way many people think that they do. Many people think of lip balms adding moisture to lips. Instead they lock moisture that your lips produce in and help them from drying out. It is for this reason That the particularly rich lip balms, like EOS lip balm offerings, are so effective in creating a thick protective barrier from the elements. Lips need moisture as the skin covering lips are thin even to the point of showing the blood vessels below and can’t produce moisture the way other parts of your skin can, thus necessitating a level of protection from the wind.

What is important in a lip balm?

The most important factor in a lip balm is the emollient that serves to protect the skin of the lips. The emollient can be made of many substances including petroleum jelly or more high quality oils like coconut oils. High quality lip balms like EOS lip Balm use cocoa butter and other high quality oils, while cheaper brands like carmex and Chapstick use petroleum jelly which doesn’t have the same long time moisturizing effects. In addition you should buy brands that avoid unnatural additives in the balms which can actually dry out your lips. These balms are available on Walmart and online sites including eBay.

Ultimately what you look for in a lip balm is dependent on your individual tastes and preferences. Some like flavorful balms while others only need lip balms occasionally. See which features are important to you and sample a variety of brands to find the one most appealing to you. For more info, visit their website:


The Most Recent Lovaganza Announcement Came in August, And Specifies A 2020 Launch

Lovaganza will be an event unlike any the world has seen in recorded human history. It will take place simultaneously over the course of four months. It will be located at eight strategic points across the globe. There will be Lovaganza expositions in America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and The Middle East. Combined, eight locations multiplied by four months comes to thirty-tow months of continuous entertainment worldwide. And entertainment is definitely the key word, here. Lovaganza features a new cinematic breakthrough in three dimensional technology which brings the intimacy of a stage play to the audience, without the cumbersome need for 3D glasses that end up giving users headaches more often than not. Imagine the finest special effects from Hollywood combined with the intimate theatrical atmosphere of a live performance on With Lovaganza’s one hundred and eighty degree screen, this becomes possible. The new cinematic innovation is called IMMERSCOPE, and it seeks to be the greatest film innovation since the advent of color.

IMMERSCOPE will be the central feature of Lovaganza’s worldwide events. But it won’t be the only feature. Lovaganza can best be understood as a version of yesteryear’s World’s Fairs updated for the new millennium. There will be live performances, presentations, and exhibits. There will be interactive displays, and cutting edge technology steeped in the thematic unification motif of Lovaganza.

The main themes of this event include unity, togetherness, and the celebration of diverse, unique cultures from around the world. A sort of Bohemian revelry undergirds everything at Lovaganza, and that’s the intention.

There are nine films planned to showcase not just these themes, but the exciting new three dimensional possibilities which come from IMMERSCOPE. The first three films have already begun principal photography, and the opening picture will be released in 2017. It will be shown on the Lovaganza convoy, a caravan that will bring IMMERSCOPE to the world by traveling it several times before the main event’s 2020 premiere. Sequentially, these first three films will be released in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Lovaganza comes in 2020, and there the films will be screened again.

With global ambitions and the vision to back those ambitions up, it’s going to be interesting to see what the final product looks like in four years. Lovaganza has been in the works since at least 2012, and by its final unveiling will likely have more than a decade’s planning and preparation behind it.

Three Reasons a New York Shared Office Space has Higher Levels of Thriving than a Traditional Office

In a bid to understand why shared working spaces are so effective compared to the regular offices, a team from the Harvard Business Review interviewed various community managers and coworking space founders. This also included a survey of numerous workers from dozens of shared working spaces in the United States. As such, they came up with the following results.

Three Vital Predictors of Thriving

Meaningful Work

Workers in coworking spaces find more meaning in their work than a significant number of employees in regular offices. This is because coworking spaces boast of a variety of different workers with varying expertise. As such, members of such communities can help each other. In addition, such premises experience minimal internal politics or direct competition, which means workers do not have to put on a fake work persona to blend in the environment.

Job Control

Workers in these shared working settings have more control in their work affairs. This is because such premises allow 24/7 access to members. As such, they can work at any given time as well as at any authorized location on the premises. The community also helps them in creating discipline and structures that assist in motivating workers, especially independent professionals.

A Sense of Belonging

Due to the great sense of togetherness in shared working spaces, many workers develop a feeling of belonging or identity. This is cultivated through socialization over a cup of coffee in the cafe or other shared spaces. Further, managers in various working spaces have facilitated the growth in this community feeling.


Workville shared office space NYC boasts as one of the top providers of shared office or coworking space in New York City. It leverages the unique blend of coworking space with luxury to distinguish itself from other entities in the market. As such, it has an inspiring environment that is both flexible and friendly to all existing and potential occupants. With a variety of space including, open desks, private offices, conference rooms, shared offices as well as move-in ready offices, it has lured numerous small business and budding start-ups with diverse requirements.

At Workville, the occupants are not restricted to work in their respective offices or working spaces. Subsequently, they can spread into other locations, which suit their comfort needs such as the lounge area, the café, or the outdoor terraces. Workville members enjoy round the clock access, daily cleaning services, fast internet, mail services as well as fresh coffee at the café.

Why Your Family Needs Securus Technologies

Lots of people in the prison system do not know how to keep in touch with their families in a more precise manner. This is why the Securus Technologies was created and why it is currently being used by thousands of people all over the nation. It is never a bad idea to check out Securus Technologies for yourself as it has helped to me as well as many other prison families to keep in touch with their loved ones who just so happened to be behind bars.

There are actually quite a few benefits to checking out Securus Technologies and beginning to use it for yourself. Not only is this technology totally safe and secure for you to use, it allows you to keep in touch in a more proficient manner when you have a loved one behind bars. This is a great option for all prison families and it has been something I have been using for many years myself since a good friend of mine has been in prison. I have recommended it to many people because I feel it is a technology should not go unused if you have somebody in prison.

Now that you know a little bit more about how Securus Technologies works, you will want to download it to your home computer or laptop and see how it works for yourself. You will be able to video message and leave voicemails for your loved one who is in prison so that they can keep in touch with you at almost all times. This is a wonderful option for most people and I have recommended it too many people myself because I feel it is a great technology to be used. It is something that has changed my life as well as my loved one’s life who was having issues keeping in touch with me.

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Can WEN by Chaz be used on fine hair?

In a article, writer Emily decided to try the WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner. At first, she was a little nervous, as her hair is long and finely textured, and she was not sure that her hair would become shiny and full like in the WEN hair by Chaz commercials. Her first day using the product was not as expected. Emily used the product at night, and woke up to greasy, stringy hair. However, through out the week, Emily noticed that if she showered in the morning, her hair looked and felt better throughout the day. Emily noticed right away on the first night that her hair was already beginning to feel soft. Emily also noticed that curls were not the best stylistic choice when using WEN on fine hair, because the curls became flatter faster. Better to leave it straight. To read Emily’s full article, go to
Wen hair by Chaz is a cleansing and conditioning treatment for hair to make your hair look soft and full. The hair treatment was designed by Chaz Dean. There are many formulas for WEN by Chaz.

The first formula was the Sweet Almond Mint. This formula was designed for all hair types and textures. Other formulas include:
-Tea Tree- used to treat scalp issues
-Fig- used for thick, coarse, or curly hair
-Cucumber Aloe- addresses oily scalps
-Lavender- used for a volume boost
-Mandarin Italian Fig- this formula is used to repair damaged hair
There are also special scented and non-scented formulas. WEN by Chaz also has seasonal scented formulas.

WEN by Chaz comes in many formulas and fragrances. Emily from used the fig formula, and liked the results she achieved at the end of the week. Emily wrote that she would definitely use WEN again. Check out for the variety of Wen hair products. Like the Wen hair Facebook page. Visit the website:


JustFab Is Ready For The Future

JustFab is more than ready for the future because they are moving in the direction of an IPO and offering their customers more in every box. JustFab got an article in the LA Times about how they are growing, and it is a brand new trend that will help women when they are trying to look their best after shopping. Shopping on JustFab always results in a box, but it is all based on preferences.

The women who sign up at JustFab are going to fill out a form that tells the site all their stats, and then the site is going to come up with the ways that the woman is going to look her best. Learn more about JustFab:

The woman gets a box in the mail will have clothes that are all based on what she said she liked, and then she will be able to wear those clothes right out of the box. She shares all her measurements to make sure that Just Fab sends her the right things, and then she will look amazing once she gets dressed.

JustFab wants to be sure that they can expand and give their customers more options, and the only way to do that is to make sure that they are looking for new sources of funding. They are moving in the direction of an IPO without offering one yet, but they have hired people who will be able to help with that. Learn more about JustFab:

The company can start sending women more clothes and accessories in every shipment, and the company will have more money to improve the customer service they offer. Customer service is an amazing part of the Just Fab brand that every woman runs into. This means that a woman who loves to shop but does not have the time can now get her clothes in the box every month.

Significant Changes Coming to NYC Real Estate Market

The New York City real estate market is one of the strongest in the world due to the strong economy and high domestic and international demand. While the city already seems very full of high-end developments, there are several new projects that are coming online in the near future that will help to change the landscape of the city.

One of the most anticipated projects in the city is that of Thor Equities, which will be a 650,000 square foot development at 270 Richards Street. The project will have three different buildings ranging dramatically in size. The waterfront location will be a huge demand for both the residential building area and the office component.

Thor Equities is also looking to continue its expansion into Brooklyn with a new five-story office building that will sit on the site of the former Revere Sugar Refinery. The project will have ground floor retail and will house significant office space, but is also expected to have great views from its rooftop deck that will likely be leased to a local restaurant operator.

Also going up in Brooklyn in the near future will be a new 150,000 square foot rental building. This building will be 20 floors tall and is expected to have up to 180 different units. There will also be around 2,000 square feet of ground floor rental space and will have plenty of amenities to attract more residents to the area. The project will replace an old drug treatment facility, which will be completely grazed from the area.

For those that are interested in one of the upcoming projects, or is considering a move to or within the city, working with Town Residential could be a great option. Town Residential is one of the quickest growing real estate firms in New York City. The company provides leasing, brokerage, and management services to high-end real estate developments and apartment buildings. The company also has a well-renowned research department that ensures that Town Residential is always on top of recent trends in the marketplace, which will ensure that you make an informed decision.  To view their NYC apartments for sale check out the official website at:

Adam Goldenberg: From a Business Teen to a Businessman

I’m sure Adam Goldenberg has heard a lot from naysayers in the past, but he has never been one to let that get in the way of what he wants to accomplish, what he believes in, and what he is passionate about at the end of the day. I’m sure when Goldenberg started his own company, Gamers Alliance at age 15, a lot of people laughed him out of the room. They weren’t laughing, however, when he sold that company, three years later, to MySpace parent company, Intermix Media. The truth of the matter is that anytime you do something isn’t the norm or is seen as different, people are threatened by it and they are scared of it. There is also a little bit of jealously on their part that they didn’t do it first or come up with the idea.

However, Adam Goldenberg has never wasted his time with negativity or doubters. He has believed in himself and he has surrounded himself with people that believe in him. One person that has always believed in him is his business partner, Don Ressler. They have similar beliefs, ideals, and ways they think that business should be conducted. They have always seen eye-to-eye and worked well together as a team. They are like a great quarterback and wide receiver duo. See:

When Adam and Don Ressler started up JustFab, I’m sure they heard a lot from the naysayers I mentioned and a lot of negativity. What in the world do two guys know about fashion and how in the world are they ever going to make this work? For Adam Goldenberg, however, he just goes about doing it. Adam Goldenberg doesn’t let anything stand in his way when he has a clear, cut vision for the company. He simply sees it through all the way until it is up and running and running smoothly.

JustFab is for women that like to have wonderful accessories and they like to change things up a little bit. They like to have fun when they are putting together their outfit. I know sometimes it can be difficult to find that perfect accessory, but at JustFab on, you are sure to find it. Adam Goldenberg has always known exactly what he is doing and he has never walked into anything blindly and just done it haphazardly. Adam Goldenberg is going to be proving people wrong for a long, long time.

How to Proactively Manage Online Reputation

In many years, marketers have missed the real concept of marketing. Apart from telling people about what you are selling, it is appropriate to know how you will convince clients who feel your company is not good enough due to poor rating. If you have a company, which is doing great and might things of transforming your profit margins, you still should not be ignorant of a bad day when you can get a negative review. To keep this risk in check, here is what you should do in advance.


Claim Online Presence


When you want to run a successful business, online reputation will be crucial. To manage it well, start with creating profiles on different social media and professional platforms. This makes it easy for you to communicate with the customers easily. When anything happens, you should make the right response immediately.


When you are making the best email to use for corporate communication, think of an email attached to the director or manager. This helps respond to any issue faster and even relevantly. In the process, you will not get panic in a company thinking of whether the email is checked daily and if correct responses have been made.


Remain Professional all the Time


In some cases, when you are trying to build a strong brand with accurate and friendly responses to clients, some tempting moments will come. Some clients will send emails with harsh words. In such a case, keep it calm, remain professional and respond friendly. This makes it possible for you to present a good image to clients and even make them know you are professional enough.


Check the Bright Side of Negative Reviews


Negative reviews happen even to the high voltage companies around the world. Therefore, you should not get stressed by the comments. In fact, you should use the negative results to know how people view your company. In the process, you will improve on how you handle content marketing, how you price your products and services and even change of policies if required. This means you should use the reviews to make the right changes to improve the company.



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