The World of WEN by Chaz According to Emily on Bustle

According to Emily McClure in her article on, she pretty much swears by Wen by Chaz Dean ( now that she’s tried it. As she says, just about everyone has seen those Chaz Dean infomercials and that’s true. But, not everybody has actually tried his amazing products, so Emily’s article is quite eye-opening.

In her Facebook post, Emily outlines each day’s results and they’re actually quite impressive. So, does she actually think that WEN conditioner is really “magic in a bottle”? Well, apparently she does. She tried the fig scented products based on the brand’s promise that it would give her hair shine, moisture, and real bounce to boot. She figured it sounded good but was amazed by the real-time results. With her very fine and even thin hair, she was willing to try anything.

After a very long day, she really needed a good shower and shampoo so she decided to try her new WEN cleansing conditioner to see if it really could be magic. She said that she was a bit concerned about the number of pumps recommended since she has such fine hair and didn’t want it to be weighed down by too much product. But, she followed the directions nevertheless and was glad that she did. After massaging it in, letting it soak, and rinsing, Emily said that she honestly felt that her hair felt thicker! And, after blow-drying, it was shinier and bouncier, too. is well-known for its superior hair care products. The one major feature that makes WEN by Chaz Dean so unique as opposed to other shampoos and conditioners is simply that it’s good for your hair. What makes his products so different is that they contain only pure botanicals and other natural ingredients. These ingredients mean that the products don’t strip the natural oils, making them perfect for all types of hair.

Source: | I Used Cleansing Conditioner On My Fine Hair & Here’s What Happened | Emily McClure |

David Giertz Shares Tips On Social Security

Mr. David Giertz is an expert financial advisor currently serving as the senior vice president of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales as from 2013. With an experience of over thirty years in this field, his advice is almost priceless. He also doubles up as a financial advisor at National Investment Services Corporation in Dublin, Ohio.

In addition to being an advisor, Mr. Giertz is an FINRA registered broker who is authorized to act as the sales person on behalf of large brokerage firms. Moreover, Mr. Giertz also provides portfolio management to individuals who require the same.

The Interview on Necessity of Social Security Advice.

The number of financial advisors speaking to their clients about social security is not enough according to Mr. David Giertz. Research conducted by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute shows that 80% of people would change their advisor if they did not talk to them about security. He, therefore, sees that advisors should look into exploring the idea of giving security advice as a strategy for customer retention and client satisfaction on Facebook.

According to Mr. David Giertz, most advisors shy away from the subject of social security because of its complexity. The social security handbook is voluminous. Hence most advisors on Bloomberg have either a shallow understanding of the rules or do not have confidence in discussing them with their clients. He encouraged advisors to familiarize themselves with this matter to simplify their approach when talking to customers.

As a financial counselor on, David Giertz echoed the significance of social security education to his fellow consultants. As a result of being misinformed, a majority of retirees start depending on social security too early in life. David pointed out that a survey indicated that this leads to losing out on up to $300, 000 over 25 years.

In conclusion at, David emphasized on the necessity of availing information on social security to clients to maximize usage of retirement income and customer retention.

George Soros to Invest in Refugees Startups

Billionaire George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management LLC. Soros has pledged $500 million to assist migrant and refugees’ investments worldwide. The investment will be managed by his nonprofit organization. Profits will go to the open Society foundations. The Foundation is a network of causes that support various issues such as human rights, health, education, and migration.

The investment will support startups, social impact initiatives, businesses and established companies started by refugees. George Soros main concern in this initiative is helping refugees and migrants. He anticipates good investment ideas that will go a long way in benefiting migrants worldwide. The initiative will prove to the world that private capital can indeed play a constructive role in helping refugees.

He understands that migrants are often forced to live a life of despair in host nations. Therefore, the investment will play a greater role in the integration process on Snopes. Moreover, he intends to help develop and implement effective policies that will handle increased flow of migrants. George Soros understands that the collective failure of the policies has contributed to political instabilities and human misery being witnessed in some countries.

George Soros advises that Governments should play a leading role in ensuring effective policies are developed and implemented. Also, enlist the help of the private sector to speed up the implementation for the greater good. George Soros believes that the innovation and resources in the private sector can bring a lasting impact on refugees and help lessen the fear and uncertainty brought by the global refugee crisis in resettlement countries. This was written on

He has championed efforts for companies to give refugees employment opportunities, training, and job placements. Also, he pledged education opportunities for migrants through his foundation. He notes that migrants need access to education, legal and financial services. George Soros through his Soros Fund Management is investing in biotech space. The companies of interest include Biogen, Amgen, Acadia Pharmaceuticals, Opko Health, and BioMarin.

George Soros survived the Nazi occupation in Hungary and fled the communist regime to London where he worked as a waiter and railway porter in 1947. He holds an economics degree from London school of economics.

At 26 years of age, he moved to the US and began trading for a Wall Street brokerage firm. His success in trading influenced his decision to stay in the finance market. In 1973, he started the Soros Fund Management. According to, George Soros has a net worth of $24 billion. The bet against Bank of England is one of the greatest payout decisions, which earned him $1 billion.

Currently, the philanthropist is hugely involved in political funding on policy issues and immigration reform. In the 2016 US election, Soros bankrolled many Democratic candidates who shared his beliefs. He is expected to continue his presence in the political arena.

Equities as Loan Collateral?

Equities First lends money on using equities, or stocks, as loan collateral on some loans that would be more difficult for other lenders to approve. Equities First’s a cash loan, and there is no requirements as to how the proceeds from the loan has to be used.

Al Christy, the man behind the loans, will lend up to 80 per cent of the value of the stock, while most of the time it’s only sixty per cent. Coupled with a low interest rate of three to five per cent (depending on the nature of the equities), that makes the idea very attractive to a number of small and medium sized businesses that need cash and own equities. These business are generally in need of immediate cash to meet sudden unexpected expenses, and can not get a quick loan from a lending institution because they won’t lend for something like payroll or other unusual reasons. So, that puts Equities First in a unique position of making loans with collateral that other banks won’t touch.

During his tenure, Al Christy has completed over 400 transactions. His interest rates are lower than the big lenders, because the Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Reserve regulations has put a limit on them. They can lend no more than 50 percent of a stock’s value.

Equities First is a private financial company, and they are exempt from having to follow those regulations. That makes his business lucrative indeed.

He expects that his business will expand as tight credit markets begin to occur because of rising interest rates.

Wessex Elibrary Offers a Unique Opportunity of Learning

There are many reasons why an individual may want to consider utilizing an elibrary for their researching needs. Just like visiting a library provides one with all of the resources that they may need to accomplish certain tasks, whether it be for school, work, business, or as a personal hobby, it is highly imperative for them to know that many of the same types of resources can be obtained at an elibrary.  Learned more about Wessex elibrary on

Wessex elibrary may be one of the best online library catalogs that is available for people to utilize and learn from. There are a vast array of resources for reading, writing, and an overall spectrum of learning. However, it is necessary for you to visit the website so that you may learn not only how to use it, but also so that you can become accustomed to the elibrary so that you can utilize it for everyday learning. Wessex Library offers people an opportunity to learn and possibly even make a living off of the knowledge that they have attained from their very own home. A user of the elibrary will not need to travel far if their local library is located at quite a bit of a distance. Please feel free to see what Wessex elibrary has to offer for you today.

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CEO of Leading Global Company Becomes Guest Author.

Bob Reina is the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion. If you don’t know what Talk Fusion is, it is a global marketing solution who uses video in five areas such as emails and newsletters. Bob has been a guest author to MarTech once this year. He has returned to the site to write a second guest article for MarTech. Two articles within a year’s time is quite the record for Mr. Reina because he is very busy. In his article he talks about the video advertising trends of 2017 and the roles they are playing in marketing. Mar Tech Advisor is an important publication that is read by important marketing professionals.

As leader in a global market, Bob Reina has a lot of highly respectable information to share. Bob is happy to help others grow by teaching them about video marketing. There are many reasons why everyone should make it an important part of their marketing.Bob talks about customer trends and the reasons that video is popular. Because Talk Fusion is an all in one, award winning, global video marketing solution, as CEO, Bob understands what is going on and the reasons why everyone should be using video in their marketing efforts.

Many people wonder what is Talk Fusion and what is so special about what they are offering? It’s simple. They offer an all in one video marketing solution. It is easy to use with award winning technology that helps any person or company to have professional branding that can be customized. Talk Fusion offers ready to use templates and training that is driven by results. They also have a great support system for people who help putting it all together. What is even better is that Talk Fusion put a free trial into place. By the way, with the free trial you do not need a credit card. You simply sign up with a valid email and you can use the whole system for free to get a feel for it. The easiest thing to do is to head over to Talk Fusion and sign up for a free trial and kick the tires from the inside of that Award winning all in one marketing system.

Insight to the Life of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman and president of the Qi Group of companies. The group of companies was founded in 1998. The family of companies is an e- commerce conglomerate with businesses in various industries. However, they have specialized in retail and direct sales, telecommunication, lifestyle and leisure, education, training, property management and logistics. Eswaran has studied in the UK and the States. He acquired his extensive experience while working with IBM. In the technological company, he held several managerial positions and managed offices in USA, Europe, Australia, Canada and Asia.

In the late 90’s, together with a team of like-minded entrepreneurs, they founded a direct selling and training institution that eventually, became the Qi Group. The enterprise has regional offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand. It has also penetrated the world market and stamped its presence in over 30 countries through other affiliate companies.

Last year, the Qi Group of companies generated over $ 750 million in revenue. It also opened a new regional office in the United Arab Emirates. Eswaran is also a motivational speaker. He has lectured, on several occasions about management of business and leadership. His lectures are not only business oriented but also spiritual. He has also delivered speeches on leadership in forums like the World Economic Forum. Vijay is also an active philanthropist. He founded the RHYTHM Foundation. The foundation is part of the Qi Group that is responsible for enhancing social responsibility.

Additionally, he founded the Vijayaratnam Foundation with the aim of honoring his father. The foundation works with local NGO’s and several charitable organizations. It also seeks to mentor children, develop the youths, empower women and offer special education. Eswaran is also known for his books. He has authored several books with Sphere of Silence earning him the title of best-selling author. The book details on how to manage life and has been hailed in different countries across the globe. He has authored three other books.

On 21st November 2016, Vijay Eswaran received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Global Entrepreneurship. The award was presented at a dinner hosted by Melaka State Government during the 8th world Chinese economic summit. In 2011, he was named on Asia’s Forbes list of heroes in philanthropy.

Temperature Your Way Goettl

Ghetto Air Conditioning has offices in Phoenix and Tusan, Arizona also in Las Vegas. Ghetto demostrates what it means to make a difference in the world. In doing so Goettl proved to be a source of heat for a Las Vegas family. The family had been dealing without a funtioning air conditioner or heat unit or toilet for some time. The family had been used to the situation. The manager of Goettl Air Conditioning, Michael Gamst, learned of the family in need.

Along with his ten members they installed a new air conditions and heat unit and toilet for the family. The family didn’t have to spend one penny it was free of charge. Also they donated gifts to the family as well. Before installation of the new unit the family’s electricity bill was sky high, Gamst says now it should be lower. Goettl has used technological innovation to help conserve energy. HVAC system of the house respond by heating that room specifically with thermostats in every room.

“Our mission is to do the right thing for our customers the first time and provide an unmatched quality of service.” – Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical

The Goettl brothers began in Ohio. Then relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. Their mission to give people comfort in their environment no matter what temperature. Designed with the best air conditioning. Designed by heavy duty equiment that efficient and want raise the electricity bill in fact is designed to lower it. Goettl is made to last and back by a warranty.

The Success of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping with Roberto Santiago

Joao Pessoa’s largest shopping place is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. Roberto Santiago is the owner of the business and has worked profoundly hard to ensure that customers get the best services. The shopping mall provides a broad range of fun, comfort, and leisure facilities to its clients. Its breathtaking beaches, the unparalleled sunset and its ability to offer rich cuisine define its hospitality. The mall has the state of art infrastructure that provides fun and entertainment to families that need the joy, comfort, and calmness during their visit in the city. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is installed with an approximately 1800 square meters of an electronic amusement park, ballrooms, movie theaters, and bowling alleys. Gyms are also available in the mall.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is fitted with a gourmet space. This provides a unique environment where clients are able to hang out and create memorable moments with their loved ones. The Manaira Shopping Mall is highly accredited for the entertainment and fun it offers. The mall’s rooftop is fitted with a hall called the Domus Hall that can accommodate four thousand seated people and up to ten thousand standing. It is built to be air-conditioned, soundproof and has the best sound equipment, thus making it one of Joao Pessoa’s largest concert halls. Other than concerts, it also holds other events like stand-ups, graduations, presentations, weddings and various private events.

Manaira Shopping Mall offers delicious meals at a remarkable steak house. One’s cravings are easily satisfied through a food court within the mall. Its state of the art cinema is made up of 11 rooms with 3D amenities, VIP space, and theater that has a bar, snacks, and soft drinks. Roberto Santiago is one of the outstanding entrepreneurs in Brazil. Besides owning Manaira Shopping, Roberto holds interests in other business enterprises. He began his entrepreneurship projects at the Café Santa Rosa. Later, he took advantage of an innovative cartonnage firm that creates different forms of decorative and utilitarian items.

Mr. Santiago is referred as an astute businessperson who presently has a prosperous business career. He is passionate about sports, and as such, he has managed to earn various trophies in the kart and motocross championships. On July 16, 1958, Roberto Santiago was born in the city of Joao Pessoa. He went to a traditional institute called Pio X-Marist College and later majored in business administration at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. After working for a while in his cartonnage firm, he went ahead to invest in other enterprises, and he is presently very experienced in this sector. Read more and visit  Roberto’s Blogspot.

Chris Burch Provides a Positive Take on the Fashionable Future of Technology:

Christopher Burch of Burch Creative Capital offers the following insight as it applies to technology and fashion evolving, hand-in-hand. The industry of fashion as well as the technological sector witness a continual evolution. The evolution has been apparent throughout the decades. However, one element is predominantly consistent—that being, both industries evolve together. The marriage and growth pattern of technology and fashion is one that is simply awesome. When one glances backwards, he or she sees more clearly what lies ahead—with regard to the two burgeoning industries.


One apparatus that was highly mobile and popular during the 70s and 80s time-periods was the boom box. The following musical device brought a level of captivation to its user that was second-to-none, for the period of time. He or she listened to all of his or her favored tunes and radio stations. A cassette deck was positioned on one side and another cassette deck recorded music from the primary cassette deck. This was technology at its finest. Later, when the 80s rolled around, the addition of movie lines added to the boom box’s popularity. Everything became, somewhat, condensed in the 90s. The Walkman was the popular technological form of how individuals enjoyed music on the go. The Walkman evolved to that of the iPod-which, as everyone knows, is very mobile and very condensed. All said: it truly appears technology evolves with what the general public considers popular or fashionable.


Technology and fashion are roommates—so to speak. This trend continues today. The professional fashion designer likes to create something deliverable to his or her public. The best designers find the element of technology and the inclusion of fashion as providing possibilities without limitation. The use of fashion combined with technology brings changes that are highly-refined; yet, providing the user with a great deal as to function.


The Dutch fashion extraordinaire-designer, Anouk Wipprecht married technology with fashion. She states, most enthusiastically, that she enjoys experimenting: using fashionable style with that of technology. She says by going deep, into the realm of fashion and technology, fashionable items of great usefulness or designs come to the forefront. The Dutch Designer is best known for her very out-of-the-box design concepts. In example, Ms. Wipprecht designed a drink-making dress, she refers to as the ‘DareDroid’. She also designed a self-painting dress she refers to as: ‘Pseudomorphs’.


Futuristic Notions:


Fashion is achievable, by means of technological-based protection. It is not fashion—per se—to wear protection as it pertains to biking. Regardless, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin created a protective system that the biker wears around his neck. The protective wearable-apparel is considered an ‘Airbag for Cyclists’. A handy airbag, comes forth, out of the neckwear. The airbag protects the biker’s head from the impact of a fall. The ‘Airbag for Cyclists’, provides the wearer with a great deal more visibility when it is not open—as opposed to a bike helmet. Firefighters are provided protection, too, in way of what is referred to as: ‘Frontline Gloves’. The gloves make use of various signals in order to let the other party know whether or not it is safe to proceed. The creators of ‘Frontline Gloves’, are Ashwin Rajan, and Kevin Cannon.


Designers, too, like to involve themselves with fashionable recycling projects. SegraSegra was able to recycle inner-tubes, successful, from that of bicycles, in the creation of jackets and T-Shirts. Emma Whiteside ended up creating a large gown comprised of recycled radiator copper.


Designers have found that fashion and technology can work seamlessly in way of energy creation. Movement of a human-being is convertible to electrical energy. Electrical energy is converted to power and captured within wearable items such as a watch or mp3. Soldedad Martin is busy working on a prototype for shoes. The wearer is able to–while running or strolling–to power up his or her mobile device.


Everyone wears glasses nowadays. A few decades back, wearing glasses was not the trend. Google Glass was truly cool with regard to audiences who were less than fashionable. The persons involved in the activities of academics wore glasses. One fashion designer that brought the stylishness of wearing glasses to the forefront is Diane Von Furstenberg. She had her models wear them while they sashayed up and down the runway. The fashion show is where the public is made fully aware of fashionable trends. The new technology caught on. To make a long story short: technology benefits from its endorsement by well-known designers.


As evidenced above: fashion needs technology and technology needs fashion. This constant evolution brings forth highly refined forms of wearing apparel. It opens the mind up to constant improvements, in the way of high-fashion, and within the sector of technology. The fashions that are aligned with technology are useful. The motivational element of the future is determined by what each industry takes away from the other. Regardless, when combined in a positive, functional manner—great designs result, making the world safer and more harmonious.


Christopher Burch is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Burch Creative Capital. Mr. Burch brings his spirit of entrepreneurism to his investment portfolio. He is highly interested in items which are the creation of highly imaginative individuals. He likes to embrace brands that are customer-centric—bringing much to the lifestyle of the consumer.

Mr. Burch has been engaged for approximately four decades as an investor. He has been instrumental in the success of over fifty companies. He, intuitively, recognizes what it is the consumer is craving. He has a great deal of experience in the way of direct sourcing and finding marketable brands within the global marketplace. His portfolio includes brands such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Poppin and TRADEMARK. He additionally has assisted such brands as Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, and Voss Water in attaining success. The preceding stated: Mr. Burch has many other true success stories—which are part of his overall historic, investment achievement.


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